About findcheapfuel.com

What does findcheapfuel.com do?

We help you find the cheapest fuel near you. Our fuel prices are updated in real-time, so you'll always have the chance of saving money when you use the site

What makes you different to the other fuel-pricing sites?

We use real-time data, that comes direct from the fuel providers. We don't ask you to register, or provide email addresses

My town isn't listed?

Sorry about that. We're adding new locations all the time. If you'd like to see your town added, please enter town name and county in the form below and click submit, and we'll be on it!
In the meantime, you can still Search for petrol prices by map location

Are you harvesting my data?

No. If you choose a location from the map, we store that location on your machine. We only use that information to show you the same location when you come back to the site. We don't store any other data about you.

Who runs the site?

findcheapfuel.com is run by Wight Hat Ltd. We operate and maintain reference websites like: